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Expand/shrink not working

I regularly need to create an outline around an object and am now having constant problems with expand/shrink and convert to outline.

Sometimes it can be circumvented by copying the object into a new page and then pasting it back into the original page - but it is completely broken when it comes to a compound path - see video.

Previously I have been able to use expand/shrink on a compound shape (ie one with ‘holes’ in it) by creating two dupes and expanding one by a minus number (eg -15) to create the outlines of the ‘holes’’ and then repeating with a positive number (eg +15) to create the outline around the main shape. Neither is working at all now, even when pasted into a new page.

expand/shrink fail

I should add:

The problem previously has been that the duplicate path just completely disappears, but now it seems to be being scrambled.
I am working with large-scale shapes in this instance - but the problem seems to occur for other users with smaller scale shapes too, as here : Expand/ Shrink doesn't work properly
It’s not solved by changed the path direction, simplifying path, or splitting path.

I have realised that in two of the shapes that I’m having these problems with, the main object path seems to be incomplete when the ‘closed’ box is unticked. I am not able to close the path even using the pen tool to join the two open ends, or by selecting the open ends and using ‘join path’.

Sorry, I meant using ‘connect paths lines’ (not ‘join path’ which is greyed out.)
I should also have said that I have used ‘split paths’ to break the original compound path into its seperate elements.

When using ‘connect paths lines’ on the main object path (ie not the ‘holes’) a new line is drawn between the open ends. But when the ‘closed’ box is unchecked again, this new connecting path disappears and the shape is open again.

So my conclusion is that a bug is preventing the object path from being closed, and unless the object is is closed the expand/shrink function cannot work.cannot close object

I´d like to chime in. This doesn´t makes sense. Seems the in/ouset algorithms ignore path directions:
In+outset-issue.gvdesign (17.5 KB)

Thanks Ellen - I hope that has worked?! I can’t see the file but it looks like its uploaded the svg file from my drive.

pool bg|689x293

Hi Kate.
It´s just the header:

"<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>


Don´t know why the text got cropped here. But you can check by open the SVG with text-editor.
But no content.
I generated an simple example above to proof the issue with inset/outset in the meantime.
PS.: now I think it has to go into the Bug-section not Questions&Feedback.

@EllenM I have updated this thread and delete the other one.

@Kate was this file created with Gravit Designer or imported from another source? The link says the file is on your trashcan so I couldn’t watch the video.

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Thank you Daniel.
Whatever works. :wink:

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