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Export dialog is "pro" only now... WOW

According to @claudia_dmr,

“After the Pro version is introduced, the Export Dialog and its options will be a part of it. Only default options (File>Export>File format) will be available on the Free version.”

THAT, my friends, is ridiculous.

This is not a “pro” feature. It’s a basic function. Without it, Gravit is useless for design work. Corel really is killing this once-great program. :frowning:


I agree. I kept the 3.4.5 installer and run this version instead of 3.5.

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This is really a step back. There are no infos about a pro version but there is a trick to export in a higher resolution. Choose PNG and in the size field type 300dpi. Unfortunately the resolution after this action is 299,999 dpi. Used gravit for T-Shirt Design

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I wouldn’t expect that trick to last for long. Now that they know, they’ll probably take it away too.

Today I started my locally, via snap installed gravit 3.4.10 with network connected and waited just long enough to make gravit start and then disconnected network for gravit snap app. It worked! It did not auto-update.

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Forever working with an outdated version is not the thing i want to do. It’s really bad that they changed the export options in the free version.


Didn’t they announce those changes upfront anyway?

Nope. Apparently we have to wait for the official announcement from Corel