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Export distortions

Hi! Every time I export as jpeg or png the colors look faded also the outer glow effect doesn’t export with the maximum radius and just appears like a yellow border…
Is there a way to fix this?
Thank you

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Hi @ximenanais,

Are you using RGB or CMYK?

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Regarding the glow effect, I tried this on Windows and they export as expected, BUT when you see them displayed in the Windows explorer preview they show as a border but the actual images have a proper glow

Here you can see the Windows preview and also a popup image viewer showing the glow

Hope this helps


Thank you Scofano for replying so fast! I was using RGB and I just tried changing it to CMYK but still not good…

Thank you @techiekev for your quick response, I have a MacBook pro and I wonder if that’s a problem now…

This is how it looks a screenshot of the design and the jpeg export:

Before exporting, try to convert your text to paths and check if it works. Right-click > Convert to path

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Thank you, I tried but it didn’t work