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Export shadows only - without object´s fill color

There was a post from 3 years ago, Shadows only - without object´s fill color where this issue was addressed, and the post was closed saying they’d fix it, welp 3 years and still no fix.

The issue is that you cannot export, as png, just the inner/drop shadow of an object. Which is something extremely baseline for a software like this.

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Bummer - don´t get why it´s not implemented as stated.

Honestly I have no clue how I did the visuals - but none of my SVG editors is able to maintain a shadow while setting the corresponding object to 100% transparency. So which app handles this “basic” operation?

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I have tried to do this in the past too. If you are only using drop shadows then you can mask out the object and you get the right effect

None of my SVG editors does it either. However, I used this effect quite a bit years ago when using Fireworks (which I still keep installed), which had a ‘Knock Out’ option for all effects which made it really easy to do this. I have seen ‘Knock out’ on something else but I can’t think what

If Corel could add this they could set themselves apart from other vector editors

I have found the original file. It´s done in Affinity Designer; Duplicate the shape with no effects on top and set the Blend mode to “Erase”: Will export fine to PNG.

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Well done :slight_smile:
I miss the “Erase” blend mode, it allowed you to do some clever things very quickly