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Exported SVGs can't be imported to Canva

For the life of me I can’t figure this out.

I can make a design with shapes, text, paths, etc., and export it as an SVG and Canva will say “Upload Error” and that there is either a file incompatibility or a file corruption. I can take this same gravit file, export as PDF, import into Illustrator, and export it as an SVG which Canva has no problems with.

I’ve only ever had this issue with Gravit, and I don’t know if it is a setting or a bug, but it is extremely frustrating. I can’t keep using this program if I can’t use the SVGs it exports, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @ArchElmo,

I’ve created this: on Gravit and imported it on Canva without any issues.

Before exporting, right-click and convert to path. Maybe you are trying to export effects or compound objects (which are not supported by the SVG format).

Or maybe contact Canva support, they can tell you what is wrong with the file.

@ArchElmo Did it work? (after you converted to path and exported it again).

Hi @Scofano,

I’m facing the same issue with export as SVG and import to canva on many of my designs. Sometimes it works. I have no idea what is the difference between files. Quite often I export to png and then using some online converter, convert to svg and that in 100% times works fine.

I have tried your proposal, but convert to path is grey out. I have already paths, so probably that why :slight_smile:

Any other suggestions? Is it possible, that some features are exported that I don’t need? Like enable editing or something.

Kind regards,

Hi @Maciej,

Something you should check is that effects are probably not supported (neither by canva or the SVG format) so if you have them on your design, you should either disable them or rasterize them before exporting.

Hi @Scofano,

Thank you for your replay.
I am facing with this issue even for a simple line that I created. My assumption is that if I can export image to SVG, then SVG is a compatible with SVG :slight_smile:

The SVG is an universal format. It should work everywhere.

Have you dragged it into chrome? Or tried to import it using another program? If you are not able to import only to Canva, maybe Canva is the problem.

I’ve been just thinking the same, that Canva might be a problem. All my svg files work fine with browsers.
I will try with Canva support team if they can try to find an issue.

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I have done more troubleshooting. I didn’t know that svg file can be opened in notepad :slight_smile:

After few tries, I managed to import my file into Canva when I removed all vector-effect=“non-scaling-stroke” from

I raised an issue with Canva support, but my msg might be useful for others!


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