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Exporting for professional printing - canvas size is wrong

Hi all - I’m back :laughing: with an exporting problem.

The page Im exporting is a sewing pattern which is going to the printers. It needs to be 90cm wide because that’s the maximum size of the paper. I’ve set the canvas to 90cm wide and I take a rough guess at how high it needs to be to fit all the pattern pieces onto the page. I guessed 500cm, but in fact when I put all the pieces on the page, it needed to be 750cm to contain them all. I adjusted the canvas height to fit. Essentially, I can’t know the height of the canvas until I’ve laid out the pieces.

Although the info pane on my macbook’s PDF viewer says the canvas height it 750cm, the printer says he’s only getting 500cm - ie it’s the height I originally set the canvas before adjusting.

It looks from the documentation that Gravit exports PDFs at the first canvas height which is set - you need to upgrade to Pro to be able to adjust it. This is pretty annoying but I understand some things have to be held back - but I wondered if there is a workaround. So far I’ve tried copying all the objects, opening a new document, setting the canvas size at 90cm x750cm in advance - but it doesn’t look like that’s worked either. Any thoughts?

sorry, that was long and rambly. The question is essentially how to export at the actual canvas size when I can’t know in advance what that size will be.

I´d try the following:
Generate a document with 90cm width and an estimated height.
Place+pack your shapes as economically as you can within the width - you can place guides left+right to make sure you´re still inside the 90cm margin and "clip content is disabled - otherwise you won´t see your objects outside the format. When all shapes are well placed draw a rectangle with 90 cm width - then drag the bottom till all parts are enclosed - with nothing selected go “Page size” and hit “Trim Canvas” - now you have the new exact size for your printer.

@EllenM thanks so much for your response. The problem is Unless you’re on Pro, you’re stuck with whatever the original canvas dimensions were. ie the PDF will export at whatever the estimated size was - not at the subsequent trimmed size.

But in fact I’ve discovered that that my other solution did work after all - trim the canvas, then copy all objects. Create a new document with the correct width and height, and paste into that.

Thanks again,

Hi @Kate,

I’d be careful with the canvas size. I believe you must have a reason to use this but 750cm (almost 8 meters) is a pretty big canvas. Or did you mean mm?

Huge canvas sizes are more likely to need more machine power and slow down the performance of the software.

I suggest you to break down your layout into smaller canvas, otherwise you may lose information as your file will grow in size and complexity and at some point it will take a lot of time for you to open or edit your file.

Hmm, thanks Scofano, I will have a think - it’s a kingsize pictorial quilt pattern so some of the pieces are huge and I’m trying to be frugal with the printing (easier to fit the pieces into a long sheet) but you’re right, probably best to do multiple pages.

@Kate be interesting to see what this mammoth pattern looks like :slight_smile:

it would probably fit a 2 floor house. :slight_smile:

Eh voilaSteps pool - final and pattern (1).gvdesign (30.4 KB)

Excellent @Kate That’s quite a large pattern to print but not as large as you thought before :slight_smile:

Are you going to make the quilt now you have the pattern done?

Part of me wants to have to do something approaching that size and part of me thinks its not a good idea for me to bend my mind around it

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