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Favicon size

Hi, creating a page of 32x32px for my favicon icon when i export it completely loose quality and pixel. What i’m doing wrong?

Can we have/see a side by side comparison of your Gravit Designer canvas and the exported PNG maybe? Hard to tell otherwise what went wrong.


Yes a Png export


The small icons in PNG get pixel. If you want unpixellated image, you have to create big image. PNG is always pixelated.

If you want to get unpixellated small image, you have to use ICNS and SVG, which never lose quality. Gravit does not export ICNS and ICO.


Le piccole icone nell’estensione PNG sempre sono pixelate. Se vuoi immagini pixelate, devi creare le grandi immagini. PNG è sempre pixelato.

Se vuoi piccole immagini senza pixel, devi utilizzare le estensioni ICNS e SVG, che giammai perdono la qualità. Gravit non esporta ICNS ed ICO.

You have just 32x32px at hand no matter what you put in or if you save to SVG or PNG. To check what you can expect from the original size go to View->Original view:

I´d overthink my design as you´re no using the whole canvas for instance.