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Feedback for Tool Tips and delay

While I like the addition of the Tool Tips in a recent update, I would like a NEW setting that will delay the Tool tip by a selected amount of time. (0, 5, 10 seconds?) While I understand someone new will appreciate the new tool tips, some of us have been around for a few years and pretty much know where everything is.

IMHO, it seems all these NEW tool tips are quite distracting flashing on and off while I’m looking for a button at the the top of the screen.
Thanks for listening.

Linux Mint 20.02/ GD 2020-


I so agree. If we can’t set the delay then why not let us turn them off with a setting

They can be very annoying when you know what the buttons etc actually do


Well, in fact I missed that. You can already disable it.

Please check this:

@techiekev @prcoy2

Thank you, Daniel, I obviously missed that too

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I hope I’m not that guy but this seems to be called “Enhanced tooltips” or “Rich tooltips” and in one case “Rich Enhanced tooltips”. The update I was reading was for “website or PWA” so I skipped right over it back in November. But here we are.

Whatever it’s called, the “Help/Learn/ Display Enhanced Tooltips” is in the Users Manual as long as one searches for the misspelled “tooltips” and doesn’t search for “tool tips”. ( a delay would still be cool though, just saying. )

Someone obviously put a lot of time and effort into this so thanks for that.

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