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File Export API

I’d like to write a plugin that would rebuild the UI in framerjs Layers. I’m also working on a atom plugin that would allow basic framer usage through Atom. Basically I want to do the whole design -> prototype thing, so from Gravit to Atom, with framerjs as the animation engine.

  1. Where can I find API docs?
  2. Is the .gvdesign format proprietary? If so would it be possible to add metadata to the svg export.
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Hello, @alekcz. Glad to hear you are interested in developing plugins. Currently we still don’t have API documentation, but we are working on it. So, if you give me more details about your plugin I will be happy to assist you during development. Also, our .gvdesing format is proprietary, we zip the content of the files.

Hi @denner.erthal, thanks for the response. I would like to loop through the layers and export them as pngs or svg. The ideas is that once these have been exported I will import them into a framerjs-type project.

@denner.erthal could you add a new action to our sample plugin that does this with comments on the active document. Make sure to also support iterating either all pages or active page

@alekcz understood, we will provide an example of that so you have a starting point. @alex will do

Hi @alekcz sorry about the late response, we were a bit busy with the last release. I provided you an example of a exporting plugin for layers of a page. You can check it here:

Also check my comment there as for this release you need a small workaround to make it work. For next release it will be fixed. Any question or feedback let me know.