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[FIXED] Gravit from microsoft app wont launching

hi, got the PRO subscription from microsoft store, everything is fine until 5 November 2021 encounter app wont launch, it taking forever in the loading screen. any solution on this issue?
had uninstall and reinstall for many times, it won’t load either.

Hi @DonT,

Would you please uninstall it and install it from this link instead?

Or please check the store again as a new patch was released today.

HI Daniel,

i just uninstalled and reinstall from Microsoft store, but it then require a login in information, normally the software do not require login from microsoft store application. i tried using my microsoft store account login detail but gravit show my account not valid.
can you assist to check the link of my subscription under email so i can just change password and relogin again.



Hi @DonT,

The login is mandatory for all installation forms.

You have to request a password change email here: - is an active Gravit Designer account so, changing your password would work.