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Font use and import?

How can I use, and import, my thousands and thousands fonts in my Mac. Fonts that i can use in Gravit is only web fonts, even system fonts doesn´t show properly. If I try import fonts(??) nothing happens. Any help, thanks.

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Are you using the download Version or the Browser Version? The download Version should actually have two tabs one for System Fonts and one for Webfonts no?

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Download in Mac. Yes it have 2 tabs for fonts, and web fonts work, but system fonts not. And I couldn´t add (import) any new fonts from my font folders.

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That’s strange. Could you send a screenshot? Are you using the latest version?
Here’s how it should look like on my system:

Yes it looks like same. But System fonts doesn´t work. And I couldn´t imagine how I add fonts in there?
And I have latest Gravit. So some fonts looks ok, and some dont´t.

@lim.chunwui can you get in touch and check some fonts and check with bartosz maybe there’re some non supported formats though I thought we fixed that ?

Yes have informed Bartosz.

To install fonts, go to File menu and choose Import font

but he says he has the fonts no need to import but some don’t seem to work!?

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I couldn´t import fonts. When I try all my fonts are grey. Is there some fonts that Gravit doesn´t support?

@aspen are you able to send us a sample font that is not working? Are all sys fonts not working or only some?

We will have a check on system fonts for Mac again. Do send us the file to assist our investigation to the root problem

No all system fonts not working, some works fine but not all. But the main question is how I add my commercial, non system fonts to Gravit using? And why there is no option to use commercial font handling software (eg. Font Explorer Pro) with Gravit?

I send both of you, via email, two fonts, one which isn´t work and the other which works, both are system fonts.

Well I don´t have yours email. So where to I send the font files?

Send it to :slight_smile:

Any news about font use??

Yes it should be fixed in the version which gets released by tomorrow. If not please let us know.

That´s good, I will and thank you.

I’m also having this issue with a few fonts on Windows 10. I was wondering if you knew if the release tomorrow had fixes for fonts in general, or just aspen’s OS X specific issue.

It should fix both if not let us please so know and send the fonts not working to so we can check

No it wont work. If it´s new version which I downloaded just now. I can´t import my commercial fonts, Brush Script (system font) don ´t work as it didn´t. To me it looks just like it was. For me, using app like Gravit for graphic designer, it´s the most important that I can use any kind of fonts that I have and bought for last 3 decades.

So is it possible that Gravit can use commercial font handling apps, like FontExplorer Pro or even Mac Os own font book.