Gravit Designer discussion

General Gravit Praise and Rant

Well, I do want to start by saying that it has been such a pleasure to use Gravit on Ubuntu since back when it was a free service.

Here is a tiny story.
When having to finish the last documents of my design thesis for college, It just so happened that Gravit decided to stop working. after using the direct selection tool (A) I wasn’t able to select anything else, Also, the document was a bit on the heavy size, about 60 or so pages long and every 5 minutes that it saved the document, well, it lasted about 2 minutes saving. Let’s do the math, that leaves us 3 full minutes to work on my project. Not the best pomodoro technique I must say.

Gravit, I love this product. but it is little things like this lack of stability that just keeps me from coming back to inkscape even if it means that I have to work on single pages at the time there.

I want to love your product, but the last impression it gave me was that it is not a solid, robust, well rounded, well though out product. Little things here and there, to mention a few:

  • The weirdest way of handling boolean operations, it has been like that since the beggining of time, every time I convert fonts to shapes, sharp or smooth nodes become 3 nodes. It also happens on booleans.

  • The support for fonts has greatly improved but, when opening a document with missing fonts (which usually shouldnt be missing as they were common google fonts in the first place and the pdf was created and exported using gravit) the dialog suggests OPEN SANS for all of them, Thank you for asking, gravit, however, if I so happen to mistakenly click OK, the document opens (long documents take as much as a minute or two) only to find my document with the same font all throughout the document and not being able to “select by font type”. I am then obligated to reopen the document and paying attention to this (let’s be honest) clumsy dialog.

  • I still do not understand why fonts can have both a fill color, and a font color, I once edited a document which failed to select all fonts with the same color, even when I selected everything and colored it the same color. why?, it just so happened that I set some fonts with color, on the other color setting, so, in short, I do not understand such logic and creates cumbersome sittuations.

Sorry about this long rant


  • I love gravit.
  • It was unstable after the last update, hence unusable for my thesis
  • There are a few little big things that render gravit unusable for my kind of workflow
  • I hope some day, they will be fixed, for now, Im back to inkscape.

Hi @mancor,

thanks for the feedback. I’ll forward it to the dev team.