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Google login not possible on macOS 10.13/10.14 (v 3.5.28)

Good afternoon

As of today Gravit designer asked for the login suddenly…and trying to log in again with google account tells in the popup that the browser is insecure…and that the browser should be updated…

So just payed few days ago for the annual renew…and now have a total unusable software!!!

Please check this link: /

If those can’t solve the issue, please use the browser version by following this link:

It was already set to “allow less secure apps”:…

And no…browser version is no option and slow…so means wasted money and looking for an alternative…

The software subscription was bought due to the fact it supports a native app on macos, linux and windows…
and if this isn’t possible anymore then the software isn’t worth the money anymore!

I’m sorry about that.

You can also use your email and create a new password while you can’t login with google. The software will work the same way.

Anyway, I’ve forwarded your message to the developer team for investigation so a fix can be created.

If those options are not good for you and you really need a refund, just follow this link: - Refund Request.

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