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GPath tutorial for plugin creation

I am looking for some GPath example. I would like to create plugin to automate some creation tasks (create layout for boxes to be cut from laser printer). I would like to see a very simple sample how to create closed path with some rounded corners, bezier nodes and stright ones. That would do. Thanks.
Also wchich developer tools do you recommend to work on Windows to debug? I’m generally a C++ developer and haven’t written anything fancy in javascript.

You can find more about plugin creation on Github: There will also be a detailed article in the future.

AS an IDE tool I’d suggest either Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text.

I’ve seen the starter. I already followed these instructions but I am missing details about GPath. And reading packed node.js code is terrible. I really thought that maybe VS intellisense will help me but it doesn’t want to work. Also I am unable to put a breakpoint for some reason in the plugin code (it won’t break there as VS won’t recognize this as part of working app though it breaks in the main node.js routine).
Nevermind I’ll wait for documentation.