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Gradient Display Problem

I have a file where I keep copies of lots of gradients that I reuse. I have always had the problem that this file does not display properly. Parts or all of the page does not display, if I zoom in parts may appear but then can also disappear

I know there are a lot of gradients in here, currently about 80 but I feel it should still display fine

Video attached after opening the file, as you can see most of it is not showing, then I zoom in and it displays but then as I scroll or try to select something it vanishes again

I have also attached a PNG of what the file is supposed to look like

It happens with all versions of GD, desktop, PWA, Web & yes I checked it in an incognito window too

As I said this has happened with all versions of GD and never got any better!

Gradients - Gold etc 1 - Gravit Designer|video

Thanks for reporting, @techiekev

Would you please DM me with a sharing link to the file so I can submit to the QA team for testing? (or the .gvdesign)