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Gravit Designer online stuck on splash screen. Using Chromebook

Students using chrome books and Gravit Designer online. Stuck on splash screen, can’t move past it

Welcome @JudithOkolie,

This kind of issue should be reported to the support team here: but please check with your IT department if they can be blocked from reaching Gravit’s servers or if they are using the latest version of Gravit Designer (if they are using a desktop version).

Same… about 50 % not able to access though web based or “downloaded versions”. Love to hear if anyone has a solve yet. I did notify support.

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please check for their Chrome versions: “Chrome v8 engine version 7.2.502 or later” is the minimum required.

If they can’t successfully login, it is possible that something is blocking their access. Please contact your ISP or IT department to check if they have full access to our domains.