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Gravit Designer Roadmap

There is no public roadmap available at the moment, as we are currently in the process of deciding where we want to go next with Gravit Designer. Thank you for your comprehension.


That feature would be fantastic and a must for professional printing, thank you! I am curiously looking forward to 3.3.

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Is there any chance of a tool or effect that makes a “mesh warp or distortion”? There is a must in logo/lettering design. Thank’s.


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Thanks for your suggestion, I will discuss it with the team.


Hi! how long until 3.2? at least a “no sooner than…” estimate? I’m about to start a project with my team and I would really like to go 100% Gravit on it, but symbols are a must. Just to know. Thank you!

We can’t name a definite date at the moment, but it should happen around the beginning of August.


For your interest, I just updated the roadmap with some new functions. Some also slipped from one to another release.

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When Does the Version Gravit Designer 3.3 will be released ?

Cool,What aout the Protoryping feature ?

The symbols will have the override feature?

Yes, but not like sketch only for images and text. You will be enabled to override anything in a much more intuitive way. :sunglasses:

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i think that its better to have more frequent
updates (of some little features) than have a bigger
update in like 5 months with a chunk of new features
(like sketch…)


That’s why we try to release a major update at least once a month. Having smaller, but more frequent updates would be quite hard due to the app stores, as it always takes quite long until they are updated. And we want to make sure that updates are delivered to our users as fast as possible.

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Oh I’m eagerly awaiting a new release with new features to have

Desperately waiting for Gravit Designer 3.2 release…
Hopefully we’ll see that soon :slight_smile:


I’ve updated the roadmap with the newest information.

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I hope you didn’t abandon these very important IMO points from the previous list:

  • Show pixel mode, so that you can assess how your designs look in the browser later.
  • Perspective transforms, for example for perspective mockups of devices.
  • Preview of designs in Windows Explorer and MacOS Finder.

Support SwatchBooker file format for palettes and gradients and Optionally save undo history

Hey guys since 3.2 is already up can you update the post with latest roadmap?

@viknesh It is, for a detailed rundown have a look at our Medium article please:

@disho Rest assured that they are still on our roadmap, but we need to see how to fit them into future versions. Resources are a bit limited at the moment.

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