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Gravit Designer User Guide

We have finally launched our first User Guide! This is the first version and we are still improving it, but now you can check it whenever you have any doubts about Gravit Designer. :wink: You can access it on


I like this. What’s bothersome currently is that it’s on Google docs as what appears to be a single huge long doc that take a while to load all the images / content. Would it make sense to break each section out as separate pages?

EDIT: I’ll assume you’re going to break this up to pages as I mentioned as I see the TOC here. But since we’re talking, maybe the formating would/could be a bit nicer for mobile viewing?

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As mentioned above, we are still imptoving the guide, but we wanted to get it out there as soon as we could, even if it’s just a raw version, as this has always been much requested.



I like very much, very beautiful, great job Claudia