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Gravit for Animation (How I Animate)

This isn’t a question just something I wanted to share with the community because far too few people know about it and I developed svgMotion a year ago.

I love making vector animations but if you’re on a mobile device currently there’s no app out there that allows you to make tween based animations. Desktop users have Blender, Synfig Studio, Keyshape, After Effects. If you’re on a Chromebook you have Animatron Studio and even TweenUI but mobile users have been left in the dark far too long. That’s why I decided to build svgMotion!

Here’s just a few gif animations made using Gravit Designer and svgMotion.

And there’s this bounce reveal one I made inspired by James Curran.

You can find more demos like the bounce reveal simply by opening up svgMotion and playing with the hubs at

Now if you’re just looking for Frame by Frame vector animation. Then you should checkout SVGAnimFrames

You don’t need to be a coder to use it either. I built a converter so you can easily import your gravit animation and it’ll convert it to a gif animation for you. How’d you think I made the animation above? Time is money my friends.

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Great job!! Please post on our Facebook group too.