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Gravit is only exporting images as a raster

How ever I try and export the image it always looses quality when I zoom in. I’ve tried every combination of quality, and exporting format. Exporting as 300dpi helps, but the image is still pixilated.

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Every raster image is "pixelated " - that´s why we can have SVG+PDF - but I´m not sure how it will fit in your project, where you want to go with your drawing.

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What is the original image of your size? And what about your canvas size?

Usually you can’t make images bigger than they actually are. Otherwise, by trying to “strech” the pixels, it will cause a blur/bad quality.

Yes, Gravit has difficulties exporting small (say 100x100px) images. I always make them bigger with the transform function and export them to .jpg

Unfortunately, I suffer from the same problem

What is the size in pixels of your resulting image?

@Heather can you share your .gvdesign?

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