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Gravit Memory Usage

Has the latest version of the desktop app increased it’s memory usage considerably?

I’m using Windows 10 and GD 2020-1.1

I have been working on some designs today and noticed it was using over 3GB, they are now all closed for some time and Task Manager is still showing Gravit is using well over 3GB with nothing open!

Yesterday I was working on some designs and it went to over 10GB of memory usage, this was not a hugely complex design. I had tried closing the document and re-opening it and it didn’t make a difference

At one point I closed the document and went off to do something else. With no documents open, GD stayed at 10GB for over an hour

When I closed GD and re-opened the documents it was back to a more normal level I would typically see

At times GD does seem more sluggish, the screen is not refreshing as fast as usual. Occasionally I do something very basic, and Gravit doesn’t respond for a short period of time

Anyone else noticing this?


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