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Gravit no longer free to download?

after the name change, i see the gravit designer website no longer allows you to download the software, and it has been removed from the microsoft store, so is it no longer free to download? website only? the try for free is

Hi @shy,

The only “download” option is using the PWA. version Please use and under File > Install you can install the PWA.

Corel Vector doesn’t have a FREE version. Those who had a free account for Gravit will remain free, but it is not available for new users.

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This change is very disappointing. I have been working with Gravit in my classroom for years and introducing literally HUNDREDS of students each year to the free version of the software. It was a great way to develop interest in graphic design for students in a browser based, Chromebook friendly environment. I can’t ask 14 year old students to shell out $70 each for something that we use for about 30 days. Unfortunately we will have to migrate to a different graphic design software.

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Hi @Jason1,

Please get in touch with support, they have educational offers.

I did get a hold of support before I posted here - The educational offers for CorelDraw are more expensive than the $70 for the Corel Vector seat license!

I was refering to Corel Vector educational offers.

It is the same contact link but maybe you did not choose the Corel Vector on the dropdown menu.

I will try again. Just so you know, I literally called the number and spoke to someone at Corel - they said that “it is what it is” and there was no alternative to the 15 day free trial.
Are you able to tell me or post information about the Corel Vector educational offers?
I can post again after I follow up on my own as well.

They are right about the “it is what it is” in terms of no free accounts for Corel Vector. But depending on the number of students you have, the offer can be pretty good.

Please get in touch with them by opening a ticket instead of chat or phone call. The vector support team can only receive requests by placing tickets for them.

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Shared with CloudApp

I understand - that’s why I originally posted that I’m disappointed with the decision of Corel to take away the free/limited version of Gravit Designer. They are limiting meaningful exposure of future clients by forcing a subscription fee for a program that was free. I imagine you will find that school accounts ( kind of addresses) will dry up. It seems rather short-sighted from a successful and gigantic company like Corel. Students that work with the simple vector program will grow and develop as designers and eventually subscribe to larger suites such as CorelDraw. They will be much more likely to do this if they are comfortable with and used to a free/limited design software from the same company. Just my two cents. I’m disappointed and stuck looking for an alternative.
I appreciate the responses and your time - maybe you could forward this message to someone further along in the Corel hierarchy.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’ll forward it.

Agree with Jason1, kind of disappointing not to be able to use a free version (the only reason why I upgraded to the paid one).

Additionally, there is no “File>Install” option when I log in to, so I am unable to install the PWA - is that normal? Are there any specs that need to be met? An offline version is important, as internet might not be available all the times.

Finally, I tried to contact the Corel support team, they close the ticket after “no response” (despite multiple responses), Gravit under Corel appears to be a downgrade.

You can work offline using PWA.

If any file is missing on your browser, you can’t install it. Try to clear your cache multiple times and check if is there any extension or program that could avoid the browser to load a certain kind of file. Maybe clearing cache and trying incognito would also help.

By the way, Gravit Designer was bought by COREL in 2018, so the only thing new is the rebrand. They already owned the software.

Thanks for your response. What do you mean by “if any file is missing on your browser”? What is “any file”? I tried different browsers (Safari, FireFox, WaterFox, Opera, don’t have Chrome), and the “Install” option is not there (see screenshot)

How is it supposed to look like? Is it available outside of Chrome/Windows?

I did not know about the 2018 acquisition, as I only received an email about this, specifying the changes (rebranding) and my last payment was still through cleverbridge to “Gravit Designer”. Thanks for clarifying, I will avoid contacting them directly in the future.

At first, I thought that when you hit install, files would be downloaded to your PC but it is quite the opposite.

First, you load the entire app into your browser and if all the files are loaded (cookies, scripts, everything), then it enables the “install”.

You should be able to see something like this too:

This is chrome:

That’s why I suggested you close the tab, and clear the cache. Load the URL again… check the install option. No? close the tab again… (do loop). I’m still searching for a different and easier way to do it. I’ll post it if I find it.

I guess there are anti-viruses, and other programs such as windows defender that may “manage/block” some cookies and the files downloaded so if a script or a cookie is not loaded (by the action of an anti-virus, for example) the install button is not activated.

And also, look for the shortcut on your PC because if you have installed it before, you can’t install it again (you probably did not do it before, but it is worth mentioning).

I think (gotta check) it is available only for chrome (win/mac/Linux/ChromeOS) but maybe also available on Firefox(this I’m not sure).

Here’s an old link about the acquisition:

Cleverbridge is the company responsible for the shopping cart/payment. Like a third-party gateway payment system. (I’m not sure) also responsible for payments of other COREL products as well. I guess they will make the name change on the system when your subscription renews.

If you have any questions about your subscription, payments, etc. only they can help you. Technical issues are treated by the Corel Vector’s awesome support team. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Scofano I believe for Firefox (latest versions) you can only use PWA’s if you install an extension to do it

You can have PWA’s on Microsoft Edge. Not tried on any of the other browsers

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I’m a computer science teacher working in public education, and I wanted to provide some feedback to whoever it was at Corel who made the decision to take over Gravit and then turn it into a pay-for-play platform with almost no warning.

We’ve been using Gravit as an example of a "“professional” design tool for students in middle and high school for years. At this point, thousands of our students have probably had some introduction to it. Then, without sufficient time for educators to adapt, the folks at Corel apparently believed that students (most of whom get government help for meals at my school) or perhaps their school districts, can just come up with money to pay seat fees for this tool for each of their students. Of course, practicalities like budgeting cycles mean that no school could immediately come up with the budget for this even if it were inclined to do so. Instead, dozens of educators are now scrambling to re-platform their curriculums to other design tools.

For Corel to have decided not to provide educational access to the software is probably just a poor business decision. But to pull the plug without at least a half-year’s warning was unconscionable.

It’s probably too late to reconsider this decision, but hopefully folks will think a bit more with their hearts instead of their revenue projections in the future. In the meanwhile, fellow CS teachers and I will make sure that the students we teach (who often gravitate toward software they are familiar with as they enter the work place) become familiar with the merits and workings of some other tools.


Hi @Matthew,

please get in touch with Corel Vector support by opening a ticket here: educational offers are still available and they are very generous.

It also doesn’t let you open a file from your computer. When I click (I use chrome both through the browser and the chrome installation) to “open a local file” it doesn’t open any dialog window to do that which makes me think it’s blocked.

Are you using Linux?

This user mentioned this:

“It seems to work using Firefox in a container for some reason.”

I’m no Linux user so I don’t know what he means by a container. Can anyone on this thread confirm it works this way?