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Gravit not printing

Guys, girls, love Gravit,
however it does not work when i try to print.
Even a simple document does not work, when selecting print it basicly keeps on spooling the document
and it does not make it to the printer, help please.
I use windows 10.

Let’s us know the app your are using. Is it desktop or browser? if is browser, what browser are you using?
May we have your file so test on our end?

its the desktop app on windows 10.
funny thing is when i open any file in the browser version, it prints (although with some very anoying file names printed on top of the page as well)

Sure you can have my file, what do you need and how do you want it?

Same thing here.

Windows 10 app. There’s no “About”, so I can’t tell you which version. Consider ‘latest’.
Please add support for [Ctrl]-P shortkey.

Printing via the menu appears to go well, but fails in the end.

  • I can select the desired printer
  • I can enter the printer advanced settings (fit to page)
  • The print task is sent to the printer driver
  • But the generated print task has zero (0) bytes and chokes the printer driver.

Yep same here that zero bytes is the same with me:)

any update on this? would really appreciate it.

Thanks for reporting this issue. Could you please share the file with us so that we can have a look?

ok how do i get the file to you?

i see the upload button when i hit the reply button, however it says the file extension is not allowed to be uploaded.

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Sorry, my bad. Please use a service like or send it to

okidoki just done:) hope you can find a solution

Guys, Girls, just had a update from Christian via email, this mentioned printing problem should be fixed in the next update that should come in the next 2 weeks or so.
Thanks Christian:)

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Always glad to help. :slight_smile:

Is this issue fixed? Have actually the same problem. From desktop Windows 10 app printing doesn’t work. From Webapp it prints but only as image. I would like to print the document on laser cutter so I need it being passed in vector form. Any ETA on this feature?

Will be fixed for the next version of Gravit Designer, coming next week.

The newest release, 2019.1-5 brings (among other things) a fix for that. Please update your software here: or follow this link for the Browser version:

Currently using the snap version 2020-1.2.1
gravit-designer 3.5.41 42 latest/stable gravitgmbh✓ -

and printing does not work. It opens the print dialog box, no printers are shown and the app hangs after closing the dialog.
Running on ubuntu 20.04