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Gravit Pro vs. current?

Yeah I use Blender for modding Sims 4.

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Thanks for all of your comments.

There was never an intention to discontinue the free version of Gravit Designer and it also was never open source. The free version will remain, but as already mentioned, some features will be moved to the Pro version. Even before Corel we were at a point where Gravit could no longer sustain its development costs as free is obviously no sustainable business model. Donations were never an option for us, for several reasons. It may work in rare cases, but we decided that we want to go another way.

As the article on Medium mentions, Gravit Designer will remain multi-platform, as well as the Cloud-based nature of the application.

We really hope for your support in the future, especially from the long-standing community members.


Wasn’t it the idea that Gravit wanted to make money by using the renderingsoftware for wood- and metal cutting machines?

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I’m just seconding seanfreese’s question about education pricing. I’m an educator who’s investing more and more heavily in Gravit. We can likely afford some kind of subscription service. I’d love to know what education plans you might be able to offer when you determine the pricing. Thanks for Gravit - we’re loving it at our school!

There will definitely education pricing, but we haven’t any details yet.

I was not going to intervene in this issue for several reasons:
1 – I do believe that we should be grateful for what we were given so far.
2 – I do not know anything about the real financial situation and the meanders of the decisions made.
3 – I do not believe that anything I would say would change the intentions the “team” already defined.
4 – I did not want to play the role of someone that is whining about everything for free.

But, on the other hand, it was as much I that looked for free, as the team that asked for my adherence and “support” to a project that had some preconditions (Will Gravit stay free?). I searched for a “free vector software” and I did not force anyone to make it so. I did and do not know nothing about designing, I had the desire to learn, I had no conditions to spend money (not anyone’s problem, of course) in another hobby… the assumed permanent free character of Gravit Designer, some positive opinions and the portable version (that for me seemed very useful) made me decide for Gravit and invest my enthusiasm in it.

Well, after these confessions, I finally come to you @ReneSmit:
Of course, your question is a rhetorical one, we all know something like that was supposed to be the main funding of Gravit so far.
1 – I have hoped that, with some help from people with the “right contacts”, this could be developed and become more profitable.
2 – Donations.
3 – The marketplace, where we all could sell our designs, plug-ins, etc. with a part of the profit reverting to the team.
4 – Including publicity (annoying as it is) and buying links in the sites and forums; perhaps also a well exploited youtube channel.
5 – Limiting the storage space in the cloud version (allowing nevertheless people to save locally), selling more space if really wanted.
6 – Even limiting the free use of Gravit Designer to personal, academic and smaller businesses use.
As said, I hoped that this all together could be enough for making Gravit viable.
7 – And yes, I could even imagine a Pro version, but one that only had small differences: being compatible with specific file formats of other paid vector programs; allowing several designers to work simultaneously in a same project from different computers and, of course, being licensed to all sort of commercial use. But the real design tools should be exactly the same.

I dared even further, I have created a new feature request, Petition to Corel.


In the same boat! I’m at the point now where I’m moving all my computers over to Gravit from the mis-mash of using the few illustrator licenses we have, using sketchup and converting to svg, and the bain of my existence—Inkscape.

BTW @christian.krammer while you guys start thinking of educational pricing, reaching out to some of us educators to run some pricing concepts or structures by us would be great. I’d be more than willing to give some feedback.

Thanks, we will gladly take on your offer as soon as we have decided about educational pricing.

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I will not rent graphics software. Period. Not at any price. I will not have my own native working files effectively held hostage by a software rental scheme.

Either offer traditional perpetual licensing or I’m done.


What happens with the portable version?


The portable version will continue existing for both Pro and Free. More information will be available soon.

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Sadly, the words of Alex I wanted to quote were edited, removing all the meaning to what I said. I feel obliged, in the name of factuality to point out to another link:

Thank you.

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She edited the text, but the historic of previous old text remains. If she will remove his message, the removed post will not be withdrawn. Discourse makes it great. I have screenshot it and kept it for Linux users.

As a Linux user, it is shameful.

It was never our intention to censor anything, we just wanted to prevent confusion for everybody who might read Alexander Adam’s message in the future. The Pro version of Gravit Designer is a fact and it’s here to stay, no arguing about that – no matter what Alexander said in the past and we are very sorry that we couldn’t uphold his promises. We are equally sorry that some of you may not agree or think that there are other ways for our product to be sustainable in the future. We still hope that you give Gravit Designer Pro a chance and you’ll continue to be a part of this awesome community.

To show that we just had the best of intentions we reverted to the original message from Alexander.

Is the pro version offering something that the free version didn’t?

More information about the Pro version of Gravit Designer, and the difference to the free version, will be available soon.

Thank you for your words and attitude, very much appreciated, even more so, because you finally recognize that the conditions to which you felt bound have changed, instead of hiding behind sentences like “the free version is still very important to us” or something like that.
Being sorry is a good attitude, I even read somewhere (no disposition to search) that you will offer special prices to everyone that had an account before the release (or announcement?) of the Pro-version (a possible recognition that you are in “debt” to these people… or a selling strategy… but let’s go on), you could even go as far as to give these older owners of an account the full/pro version for free, honoring the old compromises and feeling free to sell the Pro-version to new adherents that were never induced in error. But nothing would change the fact that a marvelous project has ended. That’s why I am still losing my time here.
You say:

Well, I have to accept that (after all, you are in charge), but I even want to tell you that I believe it to be a just situation, to have a Pro-version, how to do it, is where I do not agree with you. Please continue reading about this in the Petition to Corel.

To end up here I would encourage you to consider carefully what @jet_1 says:

He has an important point here: what would we do if we decide (or have) to stop paying our subscription? Our Gravit files would be useless, as we do not own nothing to open and further work on them.

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@Letranger I really appreciate all your thoughts you put into this matter, but as mentioned, the decision has already been made. There’s nothing more I can say at this point.

I hope the feature requests and the bug reports of the PRO members will get a higher priority :slight_smile:

@christian.krammer I know you are catching some grief over the Pro future of Gravit Designer, but based on the pricing that came via email the other day I think it is a very good value. Those of us that have existing accounts will certainly appreciate the discounted rate that was offered. Additionally with the added capital and support from Corel I look forward to the future of the Gravit product line. Keep up the great work!