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Guidelines not visible

I have a problem with the download application on Mac and PC. The guidelines are not visible. But when I go on the web browser version the guidelines are visible.

Video capture :

Welcome to our forum and thanks for your questions.

You need to select “View > Show Guide Lines” from the menu bar, even after you have dragged a guideline out. In the future guidelines will be visible as soon as the rulers are shown.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks a lot! I didn’t think to check “show guide lines” because it’s automatic on the online version.

Hi there!

I’m using version 2019-2.7 Desktop version.
I have “View>Canvas>Show Rulers” on and “View>Canvas>Show Guidelines” on
Still no visible guide lines. I have turned them all off and back on. Still no luck. I know the guide lines are there because the mouse pointer changes to the drag pointer. Is this a bug on this latest version?

Never mind. I closed and reopened the software and found 300 guide lines on my design. All good now.


No problem, @Mario1,

if it happens more times, please get back to us.