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Having Issues with Login? [READ THIS]

We have updated the web/PWA version of Gravit Designer so, it is possible that it is an issue with cache or cookies on the web version.

In order to fix it, I suggest checking a few things:

Please refresh your browser a couple of times until you have the newest version installed -, or try using an anonymous window on chrome.

Another option is clearing cookies and cache - - but please note that as fonts and swatches are stored in the browser, by clearing the cache, you will lose them. You can re-import them but if you have many fonts, maybe the first two options are the best for you.

If you have issues with Google login or Facebook login, and those previous options don’t work for you, please click on “forgot password” on the login screen and follow the steps provided on the password reset email so you can regain access to your account by using email/pass.

Again, to avoid cookies and cache, when you get the password reset link, please right-click it, copy the link and paste it on an incognito window on chrome.

If you are using the desktop version, please completely remove/uninstall your current version and download the new version directly from these links:





All the stores (win/mac/chrome/Linux) have received the update but in order to be available for the users, they need to review it first, and this process can take a couple of days.

The new version is 2020.1.3.4.