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Height of a part of a circle


I want to make a mandala, with the help of symbols. To position the elements exactly I have to calculate the height or width.

But the calculated value is different from the real value in Gravit Designer. How is this possible? Tan, sin and cos are the same everywhere in the world :slight_smile: Whether Germany, the Netherlands or Brazil :stuck_out_tongue:mandela als symbol.gvdesign (85.2 KB)

See image and attached file (sheet 2)

Can you check under Edit->Settings->Rounding if any other values are making the calculation more precise?

Thanks. It was off, I have put it on 3 decimals, but still the same.

Ok - here´s one from scratch and I noticed that your angle is not 22,5°
Please compare:
PrecsionQuest.gvdesign (3.7 KB)

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Thank you so much! So there is a bug in the pie segment angle. I have to enter 22.11 when I want 22.5

Not a second that I thought about that.


Ticket created #6213740

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And here the result :slight_smile:

MANDELA TEMPLATE.gvdesign (117.7 KB)