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HELP! Cutting a transparent hole in an image using compound shapes? Anyone got a video?

I CANNOT for the life of me find a simple video that takes a normal image and uses compound shapes to create a transparent hole with an outline. Anyone got a video for that?

Welcome to the forum Kyle

You cannot cut a hole in an image with Gravit Designer. You can only cut or punch a hole in a vector shape

Hope this helps

This page in the online manual may help you

Sure you can: Mask & Inverse Mask
For instance or drag the image onto the compound shape in object browser.

DUH… Yes true you can Ellen.

I tend to limit my use of inverse mask as it punches right through the document and anything behind gets lost too

Filling a compound works pretty well too:
Once I found out how to upload a file from the Cloud into this forum with my iPad I can show a simple example…
No luck so far with the upload.

Using it in a texture fill does work and you can scale too. I guess I’m just old fashioned, I jump into Photoshop to get bitmaps ready for use

Can you not click on ‘Share’ (top right corner, if that’s on the iPad version) and copy/paste the link to here? I know embedding the actual video/graphic looks better

Share link is there but not working. This is the actual link - not sure if this will work:

Mmmh wants to sign in. I’m pretty lost without a desktop (my iMac broke and the Apple-juice company refuses a repair because it’ s older than 5 years)

When I click on it it just says the file can’t be accessed… Either can’t be found or not shared with me

Oh, that sucks, guess they expect you to buy new every 5 years. I would be totally lost without my laptop.
You could just buy a proper PC :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Kyle3,

Maybe this can help:

If I remember correctly, it died after an update, right? So, it is software related.

Have you tried this?,drive%20as%20a%20startup%20disk.

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Hi David.
Thanks for stepping by. At the Apple store the genius restored the macOS, but the system stops at two thirds. I usually make this kind of “fresh install” via USB drive. I have actually lost hope. But I could, just to reach for the last straw, try this kind of installation. Thanks for the suggestion and research - much appreciated. Apple silicon ARM based computer seems to be unveiled on 10th Nov, still not sure how many of my daily used software will run on it.

Do not lose hope.
Try to install a couple of versions from the USB. Maybe not Catalina (you can always update it later).

I have a mid-2012 (so, a lot older than yours) and it is still running superfine (the first generation of MacBook pro retina) so a 2015 Mac is probably still a great machine.

Mine is from 2011, they told me already in 2015 they would not repair it anymore. But I managed to persuade them to do so also in 2018, but the worst thing is that they installed the same faulty graphics card three times. How stupid is that? I thought it was a new revision - wrongly thought. Nowadays Apple hardware is only a kind of subscription model. Either it doesn’t work after 3 years or it’s not supported by new operating systems - whichever comes first. All family Macs (iMacs, MacBookPros, 6 pieces in all) broke in one or the other way in the last 14 years. That’s kinda costly experience. I’m still unsure what to do -but we do heavely rely on macOS the last 3 decades +.

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Either it doesn’t work after 3 years or it’s not supported by new operating systems - whichever comes first.

That’s the scheduled obsolescence concept…

I have heard that the next generation will change into those new Apple Silicon chips so maybe you should wait until the next year, in case you are planning to get yourself a new one.

Meanwhile, try to resurrect this one.