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🤔 HELP Vectorization image

Hello everyone, I need your help, I can not properly vectorize an image !!
And it gives me that when I vectorize, are there parameters that I can modify for a better result!


Bonjour tout le monde, j’ai besoin de votre aide, je n’arrive pas à vectoriser correctement une image !! Lion spirit logo travail psd (1)|328x500

et ça me donne ça quand je vectorise, il y a-t-il des paramètres que je peux modifier pour un meilleur résultat! Lion spirit logo travail Gravit designer|353x500
Merci pour votre retour.


It appears that the image you are starting with is a Photoshop PSD, this is a bitmap image

You can’t easily just convert it to a vector. You would need to redraw the logo with vector tools, pen, elipse, rectangle etc. Unfortunately Corel Vector does not have a trace option to do it for you

Can you explain what steps you have gone through so far? And confirm that the original image is a PSD file?

I assume you tried to use the ‘Modify / Path / Vectorize Image’ command. If you had started with a large very clear image you may have got better results. This command can work but most times I find if you use it you will need to spend a lot of time tidying up the image

As this is a fairly simple image you just need to draw the middle part with the pen etc, then find an old english type font that matches what you need and add the text above & below

Hope this helps

:heart_eyes: 1000 mercis. :pray:t6:
En effet, c’est bien une image PSD et ensuite j’ai fait une vectorisation automatique.
Oui vous m’avez vraiment aidé :kissing_heart:
Je vais essayer avec vos recommandations.

Vous avez parfaitement décrit les étapes que j’ai effectuée, je vais donc essayer :wink:. Merci encore, j’espère y arriver.:hugs:

I’m glad I could help. Tools to vectorized an image work best when you have a larger image that is very crisp or sharp. Anti-aliased edges etc make the results much rougher

Do a google image search with your original image and I think you will find a large version of the middle part and there are many similar fonts you could try to recreate the text parts

Good luck

I´d get me the Jack Pirate Font and draw the lions head from scratch. Check font license first.

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