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How does Gravit make money?

Hey, I found this awesome program and it’s amazing. But it seems to good to be true. I can’t find any ads, or github or anything. I can’t even find a premium. How do you make money? Is it a hobby project?

Basically, from what I have been told, the rendering engine is licensed for use in laser cutting hardware/software I believe. In doing so, this enable the electron based app which we all know as Gravit Designer to remain free since the people who use the rendering engine pay to obtain a license just as you pay to renew or receive your drivers license.

Hope these links help as they answer your question a bit better than I can.

Welcome to our forum, @CamCK.

It’s exactly like Toni89 said, we are licensing our rendering engine to other companies (not just laser-cutting, though), which allows us to keep Gravit Designer totally free. For the future, we’re also planning on a paid Marketplace and a paid Pro version, which will help us to keep the lights on.