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How to Add Ambient Occlusion

Is it possible to add ambient occlusion in Gravit Designer (free version), and how?

Hi Ento

No, it’s not possible

Thanks. Do you know in which other software is it possible to add ambient occlusion? I personally want to add it to my isometric designs.

A quick Google search tells me “3ds Max, Maya, or Softimage” have AO, i’m sure there are others

Will adding an inner shadow to every side of the isometric building do the job? Is there a way to “copy” the effect of ambient occlusion?

There is no easy way to create the ambient occlusion effect. It’s a highly complex algorithm built into 3D rendering software

But you can do the shading manually. You have to imagine where the light source is and then you can use shadows and change the colour of the different surfaces manually. Once you have one surface correct you can copy the effect to other objects that are at the same angle

Hope this helps

I believe @EllenM is a 3D guy, perhaps he can offer some further advice

Yes, as long as you understand the basics, you will be able to do it manually as @techiekev explained. It will certainly add more detail to your design, even if not 3d accurate.

Please check this link: - this channel has great tutorials about Gravit Designer (and other software).

Also check Radiosity concepts.

Can we have an example please? AO is developed for 3d purpose - not saying it isn´t possible to calculate it from a naked jpg file like “Crazy” can.
But so far it´s fairly new to me in isometric design. We have drop shadow/inner shadow for instance - maybe this is more than sufficient? Not sure.

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