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How to add border for sticker

I am currently trying to make a sticker out of my art using a Cricut Explore Air 2 and to do that I need to add a border to my design but when a do a expand/shrink action it doesn’t work, can anyone help me?.

this is the type of border I’m going for

I won´t expect instant bliss here as the workflow is pretty buggy - so I think a manually drawn outline is the best advice I could give unless you run something like SilhouetteStudio which has an featured Off-set tool:

In GravitDesigner it’s - well - have a look:


Please follow these steps and you will understand the process so you can use on your own images:

1 - Group your shape and duplicate it using Ctrl+D -

2 - Hide the top one and ungroup the bottom one, then select all shapes and using the boolean union, merge them. -

3 - Modify > Path > Expand/Shrink -

4 - Adjust the amount you need for the outline cut and then adjust your cut line width -