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How to create vector image

I have a question. When I download free vector image from one of the most site that make this possible and I do FILE > IMPORT > PLACE IMAGE I have my new image but a classic image not vector. Then I can select vectorize image on menu and I have vector but I have a little ruined vector image.
So, there’ s anything I can do?



Just noticed the question relates to Klex which I´m not aware of. My tip might work though - but Im not 100% sure as I didn´t know Klex can vectorise (autotrace) raster images.
Hi Steve.
For Garvit Designer it´s: Normally both ways: File-> Import->Place Image… and File->Open file… should handle vector files. Maybe you downloaded just a preview raster image.
Otherwise if possible upload a link or the file here for a closer inspection.