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How to download the latest version?

I’m currently running Gravit v 2020-1.2.1 on my computer, and I’m trying to update it, but I had no success (I’m using the AppImage version on Linux).

If I try “check for updates” it tells me that I already have the latest version, and even if I try to manually download it from the website, the version I get is 2020-1.2.1.

If I try to open toe online version at the version is 2020-1.3.2.

How can I update the local version?

You have the latest desktop version for Linux. The web version is a few steps ahead of the desktop version

Hopefully they will all end up in sync again soon

Hi @Sekhemty,

As @techiekev mentioned the PWA(web) and desktop are running different versions at the moment.

In case you do not know how to “install” the PWA version, please check this link:

@techiekev it will, soon (no ETA).

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