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How to download the latest version?

I’m currently running Gravit v 2020-1.2.1 on my computer, and I’m trying to update it, but I had no success (I’m using the AppImage version on Linux).

If I try “check for updates” it tells me that I already have the latest version, and even if I try to manually download it from the website, the version I get is 2020-1.2.1.

If I try to open toe online version at the version is 2020-1.3.2.

How can I update the local version?

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You have the latest desktop version for Linux. The web version is a few steps ahead of the desktop version

Hopefully they will all end up in sync again soon

Hi @Sekhemty,

As @techiekev mentioned the PWA(web) and desktop are running different versions at the moment.

In case you do not know how to “install” the PWA version, please check this link:

@techiekev it will, soon (no ETA).

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Still waiting on an update to the Linux AppImage myself. I don’t use Chrome so can’t install the PWA (Firefox doesn’t support them at the moment). I’m getting tired of having to re-login every time I launch Gravit. I purchased Pro because of the great Linux support but now I’m reconsidering.

Hi, please check this: What is going on here? Having to ALWAYS login

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Thanks @DScofano, at least that’s fixed now.

Now for that AppImage update…

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Nice to hear that fixed the issue.

Now, for the AppImage update… unfortunately, we don’t have an estimated date yet.
But it will happen.

Yup I am with you on this, Love Gravit, but need the updated AppImage for my linux install. I don’t use Chrome at all either


Still waiting on that AppImage update and I’m now unable to log in from the desktop app. My patience with these things is starting to grow thin.

please check this post. It contains a few options to try.

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Yes everytime I say this they just keep pointing to use the PWA version. I am starting to get fed up with this. When the native app is only an electron wrapper then why can’t they keep it up with the PWA version is beyond my understanding.

Good information thanks for sharing

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1.3.4 Desktop Version released on the website. We’re still updating the other sources (stores, etc).

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