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How to erase guidelines

How to delete the guidelines?
Because the way it is on the “User Guide” page, it doesn’t work.
They could invest in a simple option of just clicking on it and deleting it and also an option to delete them all at once, just hiding the guidelines doesn’t meet my need.

Hi @SamuelCastro18xa18,

to delete a guide, just drag it into the ruler -

Unfortunately, It is not possible to delete all guides at once.

But that’s what I’m trying to explain, I drag and nothing is excluded.
So much …
That you can see several tabs on the left (that’s because I had already dragged and no use, there has to be another way to delete, photoshop for example has the option in the menu)

You have to drop them exactly on the ruler, if you past it, it won’t be deleted, just been put away from canvas (as you did).

I’ve forwarded your suggestion (about bulk erasing guides) to the responsible person. But actually, dragging them one by one is the only way to clear them all.

Now I understand, but I’m glad you forwarded it.

Have you ever thought that I wanted to put together a 20% test guide layout of the facebook arts text and want to delete it later? It would take too much time.

A hug and thanks!

I understand it perfectly and it makes total sense.

I’ve also added on the feature suggestion list a couple of guides improvements, let’s see when it can be addressed.

For the facebook guides, I’d recommend (as a workaround) to use a group of lines instead of guides. Like a “guide template” that you can copy and paste (and easily delete).

Thank you!

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