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How to make text 3D

I’m wondering how I would create some text like this

Hi @oliveboy123,

You can start using a drop shadow - and then, using the pen tool make the final touches.

Or you can duplicate your text, change colors and again, use the pen tool.

I suggest you take a look at this playlist to learn the basics of Gravit Designer: - especially about the pen tool.

Or type your text, copy it, move it down and to the left, then change the colour, convert it to a path and edit with the pen or sub select tool

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By “final touches” I mean that -

To duplicate your text you can use ctrl+d

I believe Daniel was talking about “Long Shadow” because that is all it takes:


Oops, you’re right.

I guess I’m too used to “all vectors”. I’d duplicate and create the rest of the stuff using the pen tool but this is, of course, much easier.