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I can't select layers

  • KDE Neon 20.04 (Ubuntu 20.04 + KDE v5.22.2).
  • Gravit Designer: Desktop Version (2021.i1 Lin)

Issue description:

Sometimes when i am working, i can’t select select my layers or pages, lock/unlock layers or show/hidden layers. I do click but don’t happen nothing. Like alternative solution I have to close Gravit and go back to open it.

I’ve been watching it and it usually happens with large edit files. I THINK that it is a Gravit memory management problem but I’m not sure.

My Netbook:

Intel i7-8750H 2.20 Ghz
Nvidia Geforme RTX 2060


Hi @Sergio,

Would you please provide us with some file or some way of reproducing the issue?

I write you a ticket for send my file.


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Thank you!

Meanwhile, would you please split your file into 2 in order to reduce the file size and check if this could be the cause of the issue?

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