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I get stuck on selection tool and can't change to other tools.

OS Version: Windows 10 Home Single Language
Gravit Version: Version 2020-1.3.4 (I’m using the webapp but the bug also happens for the same version on desktop)

  • The bug happens for literally any .gvdesign file I use. Even a fresh empty one.

The bug:
Basically, I get stuck usually on the selection tool and I can’t select any other tool because I’m stuck on it. When I try to click and drag, it should draw a blue box and disappear when I release the mouse, right? But all it does is draw a blue box be stuck there.

I can usually replicate the bug by zooming in and out super fast. Even if I don’t do that, it eventually does happen and I can’t do much but wait until it fixes itself.

Please check this: The FIX IS HERE - 2020. - you are not using the latest version.

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