Gravit Designer discussion

I give up - whatever happened to normal file formats like JPG, GIF, etc?

So I have this snapshot of a PDF flyer that I’m trying to turn into a JPG for a website. Seems simple enough, right? I paste in the design, click Save - and am stunned to find that there is ONE - count it, ONE - format for saving this file. GVDesign. Never heard of it, and I’m sure WordPress and SquareSpace would say the same. I try deleting it and substituting JPG - long shot, sure. Doesn’t work. So what exactly am I supposed to do with this file? Nowhere, ANYWHERE, is there ANYTHING about how to convert this “GVDesign” format into something useful. I’m dead in the water over the simplest thing imaginable.

You can save only to .gvdesign, but you can export any file in JPG, PNG, SVG or PDF. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Claudia…much appreciated.