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I have a complaint about imported sources

I have a complaint about imported sources.

When we import a font, we save the file and export it, all right!
But when you go to open the file again, the font does not seem to be saved in the cloud, which forces us to do the import every time and this has already made me lose my patience.

Could you take a look at this please, there are days that are promising improvements in the software and no improvement.

Hi @SamuelCastro18xa18,

Fonts are stored on the browser, not on the cloud (if you are using the browser version) so if you have any extension that flushes your cache, your fonts goes away with it.

Same thing happens if you are using an anonymous window on chrome.

If you are using the desktop version, this shouldn’t happen. If this is the case, please follow this link to the support form so we can investigate it further:

Every time I close the browser and reopen it, I have to import it again, that is …
It’s not storing in the cache!
Any suggestion?

Try to look for extensions that could be causing it by disabling them all and re-enabling one by one (and testing).

Or maybe somekind of configuration you could have added to avoid caching on

I’m pretty sure it is a “chrome thing”, not a Gravit Designer’s issue.

Another thing you can try is to test it using firefox, for example.

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