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I012 Fix: sometimes sharing file goes slow

As I originally reported this problem, I just re-tested this using i012 PWA and it does not seem faster or fixed to me

Here is a simple file and clicking share for the first time, it takes 26 seconds for the share window to appear

Then clicking on ‘Shared’ again to redisplay the link. This took 32 seconds

It displays a blank link followed by a blank ‘OK’ popup

How long should it actually take?

I have forwarded it to the dev, but unfortunately, I cannot reproduce it. It is possible that something is getting along the way between you and the server (maybe the ISP).

I tried this in an incognito window afterwards with the web version and that took over 40 seconds

I can understand the problem if you can’t reproduce it. But I checked my speed just after and it was reported as 65Mbps, response with everything else response is good

How long does it take when you test it? And why do I get a blank URL when I click on ‘Shared’ again?

Ping run at the same time as a slow result

Where are you located?

I’m in the UK

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