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Import ".ai" files without "PDF Compatible"


I sometimes use a image bank for my designs (Adobe Stock). When i download vector files (.ai), i can’t use it. Gravit Designer can’t open it. I have that open it with illustrator and later i save like “.ai” files with PDF compatible. Then i can open it with Gravit designer.

This happen with all files of Adobe Illustrartor download from Adobe Stock ( )

In addition, sometimes when i open it with Gravit Desinger, this not import correctly with “PDF Compatible”. Other software like “Photopea” import it correctly with o without “PDF Compatible”.

Can you make gravit designer be able to open them in future versions directly without having to use illustrator o others software?

I can send you an example Adobe Stock vector if you need it.


I was actually looking at the guidelines for Adobe Stock yesterday and they state:

“Your AI or EPS vector file. (When saving, make sure Create PDF Compatible File is checked.)”

So I’m surprised that the files you download are not already in this format as they are very specific in how files are uploaded to them


IMHO illustrator files will never be fully compatible with any other program because of its features.

For example, if the file contains a gradient mesh, another program would have to have the same feature in order to understand the shape. Otherwise, it will convert to an image or a different shape - and that’s why we need the .pdf compatible (to convert those features and make it “universal”)

It is possible that photopea understood the things those files used. But eventually it won’t understand others.

And if another program has ALL illustrator features, well… it is illustrator. :smiley:

I have ckecked and photopea can open it without “PDF Compatible” like Illustrator. Can you do it same with Gravit Designer?

Adobe Stock files are not “PDF Compatible”.


Gravit can only open pdf compatible files.

I know, but could you add for future versions?

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I guess the best place for this request should be here:

Ok, i add it. Thanks.

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I changed my mind.