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Import/place image

Not sure when this started but it was in 006i and still in 008i (I think 2022.1 was OK), but ever since then I’m not able to open or place an image.

I’m now running Linux 22.04.1 LTS, this is now really frustrating as I’m not able to place images.

I also use the same PWA version (008i) on a Windows PC for work and that works fine, if the PWA is now the only option we have then surely this needs to be fixed as a higher priority.

When is this going to be fixed, this has been an issue for a while now, this was working (via desktop version, but that now seems to have disappeared). I’m not able to drag and drop images either.

So why does this work in firefox and not chrome/edge/vivaldi

This looks like it’s been fixed in version i0011 YEAH!

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