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Imported Fonts and Multiple PCs?

If I import fonts on 1 computer. Should I be able to see those same imported fonts if I start Gravit designer on a different computer? They don’t show up for me?


Hi @Dermot,

No, fonts are not stored(yet) on the cloud.

Unfortunately, you have to install them on your second computer as well.

Also if you import fonts on the Desktop version they won’t automatically show up in the PWA version on the same computer

yes, they are not shared.

But, there is an experimental feature on PWA (available on Beta version) that allows you to access system fonts, so you could install it on your OS and have the fonts available for both PWA and Desktop.

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Got it, thanks

Version 2021.i2

May 24, 2021

  • Experimental feature: System fonts are now available in the web app and PWA in Chrome. To enable them, please enter chrome://flags/#font-access in the address bar and switch to “Enabled”.

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