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Imported Fonts Crashes PWA 2021.i11

When you open a document that uses an imported font. Then click on the text, GD pops up the Import fonts window even though the font has already been imported (in a previous GD version). If you click ‘Cancel’ GD crashes. If you try to re-select the font and click ‘Import’ GD crashes

Additionally, if you add a text object and try to select a previously imported font GD again pops up the font dialogue. Anything you do from here will crash GD

Of course, when GD crashes it takes out ALL your browser tabs! Do you have any idea how many tabs I have open!

This is on Windows 10 using 2021,i11 PWA with Chrome

Basically, it seems anything you try to do with imported fonts using the PWA will crash GD

Well with 2021.i12.1 PWA, Web & Desktop on Windows 10 theimported fonts no longer crash GD

However, now I’m getting most web fonts appearing twice

I can’t replicate it on the web version. Would you please confirm it only affects the desktop one?

That screenshot was from the web version, it’s exactly the same on the PWA and also the Windows desktop version

All at version 2021.i12.1

Would you please try incognito instead (just one more test), just to be sure it is not cache or something.

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Hi Daniel

It’s exactly the same in incognito mode

However, I seem to have found a workaround for it. If you have the double fonts appearing if you click on the imported or system fonts tab then go back to web fonts there is only a single entry for each font

This does not seem to be a permanent fix though. After closing all of the desktop, PWA & web versions and reopening one of them the double font issue is there again!

Hope this helps, it’s just an annoying bug

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Hmm, maybe the the system fonts tab is the key. I don’t have it enabled.

I’ll forward it to the dev team. Thanks for the efforts.

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