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Inconsistent drop-down colour

Welcome/new document screen shows black text on dark grey drop-down menus instead of black on white or white on dark grey.

Sometimes it changes to black on white briefly but I haven’t figured out a consistent way of getting that result. Seems to happen randomly after switching between windows or hovering over the document icons above the drop down buttons.

Version 3.5.4, Linux Mint 19

Gravit Designer is Electron1x-based and is using GTK2, so Electron1x-based apps do not support GTK3 themes or can not follow correctly GTK2. Atom and VSCode had this problem.

See the discussion that Atom and Microsoft developers had about this Electron issue:

I posted and reported:

The Microsoft team were discussing how to solve the problem of supporting GTK dark theme for their software on Linux. The problem is GTK2:

And Atom and Electron developers were commenting about this issue:

Primarily:, which is involved with In these issues, only Electron 2.1x and 3 solve this problem on Linux.


I think Gravit Designer developers team should learn from Atom, Electron and Microsoft who solved fixing the support for dark themes.

Hi @Jimage, please check this other thread: Drop down menus are all black

You might also want to check the latest version (3.5.6).