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Inconsistent snapping/layering

I don’t know if this is a bug or that some setting somewhere is interfering with the functionality, but I’m trying to create a timeline infographic, and I’m getting some very inconsistent and frustrating issues with snapping and layering. I’ve recorded a screencap of the issues, its a 10 minute video altogether of my various attempts at getting it to behave.

The breakdown of the issue is that I want to just have a simple circle along each milestone of the timeline, with a label connected via a line to show which year and a short description of the events of that year. I’m doing an ellipse tool to create a circle over the timeline path, with a black border to separate it from the timeline behind it, and the lines that are connected to each circle.

The issue that can be seen in the video is that the line as drawn connects fine with the top of the circle. Then when I seem to copy and paste it to use it as a prefab for another point on the timeline, it appears like they aren’t layering the same as the original. Then when I try to move the lines away and back again, they are refusing to go back to their original place. If I rearrange the order of layers it seems to layer correctly again but it seems weird to have to do that for each one, if it’s been copy and pasted so it should be identical?

What could possibly be causing this?

I guess you ran into a few issues here.
Drawing without grid enabled - transforming - then enable grid won´t let you snap the circles center to the grid anymore except the bounding box. That may be intended.
Snap to “Full Pixel” seems counter-productive in this use case.
I´d design the whole thing with a custom grid enabled and make sure the border position for the circle is set to center or outside but not inside.
You can force the vertical alignment by holding shift key down and wait for the snap indicator to release the shape for instance.

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