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Inerface Bug

Hey, has anyone had a strange bug on Gravit where every so often, the right-click feature just stops working?

This is only a problem in the layers / pages section.

It’s fixable through saving and refreshing, but it’s super annoying how frequently this happens?!

I use the Chrome pro version of Gravit, any suggestions would be great!


Yes I get this problem most days! I believe it is related to memory, once a drawing gets edited a lot and the amount of memory used increases this seems to happen

Personally I find this is the start of more issues and the best solution I have found is to save, close Gravit and then re-open everything

I get this on the PWA with Chrome and the desktop version on Windows

It’s such a strange bug isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter how many times I save / reload my projects, it still happens!