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Introducing New Feature Voting for Gravit Designer!

Today, we’re launching a new feature submission tool to better understand the wishes of you, our loyal users. Click on the link below, create an account, and submit your best idea for a new Gravit Designer feature.

As features are submitted, users can help vote for what they’d like to see in Gravit Designer.

We hope to see you there!

  • The Gravit Designer Team

PS: I know we had this feature as a plugin in the forum for quite a while but we decided to give it a fresh start and use the upvoty tool as the official place for feature requests from now on.

I hope you like it.

Do we need to resubmit all previous feature requests we have suggested?

Unfortunately, yes. As upvoty doesn’t have a forum integration, otherwise we could submit them in bulk.

PS: all of those past features suggestions(from all of our channels such as, instagram, facebook group, survey monkey, etc) are still tracked internally, but this new tool is focused in measuring the “popularity” of the features.

I understand all the previous feature requests “are still tracked internally, but this new tool is focused in measuring the “popularity” of the features.”

Does this mean that all the features that we have frequently been informed are on the road map are still there? Does the chance that they will actually appear at some point in the near future depend on them being resubmitted to Upvoty and getting lots of votes?

If so I’m going to have to spend a lot of time looking through the forums and my emails to see what features I felt were important and submitting each one to Upvoty. That’s going to be a real good use of my time

I’m sorry about that.

Everything that is tracked is still tracked so, it is up to you to interact with upvoty or not. You don’t have to if you don’t have the time for that.

New users should use this tool instead.

Thanks, I understand that

What I’m trying to understand is will the things we have been told are on the road map and the things from the forum that got a lot of votes have any priority if they are not resubmitted to Upvoty?

I will spend the time doing this if necessary because there are features I feel are important to the future of GD

All the feature requests from the forum, support form and other channels (social media, for example) are already tracked in separate tasks internally.

If you have ever suggested brushes, shape builder tool, or warp distortions (just examples from the top of my head), you don’t have to do it again. It is tracked already.

But we’re getting new requests (I can’t remember anyone here suggesting a printer friendly version of the user manual, but it was requested on upvoty already) and those (from now on) should be using upvoty.

So if you have NEW requests, please use upvoty.

About the forum vote system, it is taken in consideration but it is just one factor.

We sent several survey forms, get constant feedback on intercom (that little chat inside Gravit Designer), and upvoty is just another variable in this popularity question math.

Thanks for clarifying that. That helps :grinning:

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